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Our phones have become our most trusted companions. Because of that, they are now major parts of our lives, and they perform a lot of essential functions for us. So, when we are not with them for a few minutes, it normally seems like something has been taken away from us. That is why some people will get frustrated whenever there are problems with their mobile phones. But mobile phone repair in Lake Ronkonkoma is no problem when you come to Digimobile.

Ours is a state of the art cell phone repair shop with the most trained and highly skilled staff ready to handle all issues with your phone, and fix them within a short time. If you cannot bear not using your phone for hours, then come on down to your local cell phone repair shop. We handle all types of mobile phones, including LG, HTC, AT&T, Apple iPhone, Samsung, Motorola, Blackberry, Nokia, Sony Ericsson and many others.


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Screen Repair

Our Same Day iPhone screen repair; comes with a 90 DAY WARRANTY.

Charging Issues

If your phone or mobile device has stopped charging correctly let us evaluate the problem with a free diagnosis.

Battery Replacement

Get a new battery professionally installed.
Top quality battery.

Button Repair

A broken power button is really annoying but you don't necessarily need a new smartphone or tablet.

Camera Repair

Never miss a moment because your rear camera is broken

Water Damaged

Water damage requires immediate and quick attention.

Cell Phone Screen Repair

Cracked or damaged screens are no problem for Digimobile. Get your touch screen repaired so that you can get back to swiping left and crushing candy with the best of them. Broken phone screens are an eyesore and a hazard, so don’t let the problem persist any longer.

Cell Phone Parts Repair; Cell Phone Repair

Broken Cell Phone Parts Repair

We have a huge stock of repair parts for different brands of cell phones. They include the LCD screens, touch screen digitizers, window lens, mouth pieces and ear pieces, housings, antennas, faceplates and keypads. We also stock the ringers, loud speakers, microphones and many others.
The charge ports, plugs, flex cables, system connectors; grommet covers and rails are also available in our repair center in Lake Ronkonkoma. Whichever of these you need replaced in your iPhone, Samsung, Motorola, Blackberry, HTC, LG and other phones will not be a problem for us. We actually have access to all the replacement parts you will need. Just come with your broken cell phones and we will fix them for you.


Repair your phone at Digimobile for approximately 25% of the cost of a new one.

Cell Phone Software Upgrade


We can also upgrade the software on your phone if you need such. Your dead cell phone could be flashed to bring it back to life, and your software could be modified after clearing it of all viruses. Customized configurations can also be done for you on your cell phone by our technicians at Lake Ronkonkoma.


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