Reliable Computer and

Cell Phone Repair in Holbrook NY.

We offer you the best services in town! From repairs to maintenance we bring your Computer or Cell Phone back to life. We provide reliable, affordable services for your home or office. 

Cellphone ipad and Computer repair in holbrook ny
Hardware Repair

Your computer parts may become damaged due to pressure, a fall, or regular wear and tear. These problems could be fixed by technicians at Digimobile,

Virus Removal

There are many types of viruses that can affect a computer set, and they wreck different levels of damages. The team at Digimobile is well trained in identifying and solving computer virus problems.

Laptop Repair

No matter the problem with your laptop, our computer technicians can fix it in a few days. Problems like crashes, blue screens, slow processing of data and others could be fixed for you when you contact our team.

Cell Phone Screen Repair

We use only the best quality of parts to repair your Phone, and our techs are trained and highly skilled with a wide range of mobile phone brands. Our first and foremost goal is to help you with your devices.

Maintenance Service

for Your Laptop or PC

The needed PC tune ups and updating that your home and office computers require could also be offered by our technicians. With this, the processing speed and lifetime of your computer will increase.

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We can have your device fixed up in a jiffy.

If you are looking for local computer repair service in Holbrook, Digimobile will always be available to help you solve all forms of computer or cell phone problems. We handle virus removal, accessories repair, hardware repair, backup and data recovery,iPhone screen repair, and many others.

Over 10 Years of Experience
Honest, Secure and Reliable
Reasonable Rates


We have confidence in our services  and we want you to be really happy. We know there a lot of computer & cell phone repair stores you could choose from and we really value you taking an interest in us.

Come in and speak to our of our knowledgeable staff so they can help with all of your consumer electronic needs.


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Computer repaired due virus problem

Hard drive replacement for PC

laptop keyboard repaired.

two macbooks for repair

ipad and iphones after been repaired.

PC repair with different colors light



We handle virus removal, accessories repair, hardware repair, backup and data recovery, iPhone screen replacement, troubleshooting, and many others.

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Are you ready to get the best repair in town for Your Computer or Cell Phone? Contact us today and get a free estimate. This estimate comes with zero-obligation to you. We keep all our customers updated on the progress of their repair via text messages or phone calls. 
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