We work on Samsung phones and offer nothing but top notch service

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We provide Fast, Friendly and affordable Samsung phone repair services in Ronkonkoma, NY.

You never hope you will need Samsung phone repair. However, here you are with a screen that won't come on. Perhaps you dropped your phone and the headset component no longer works? Or you find yourself with a smashed camera. Not a problem. We offer Samsung phone repair for all of these scenarios and more.
We work on Samsung phones and offer nothing but top notch service that takes place, most of the time, on the same day.


Samsung repair components in house.

We carry all of the Samsung parts and components, however, every so often there is something we are out of stock in. We will certainly let you know if this happens and let you decide what you'd like to do.
Samsung phone repair is a complex repair that you shouldn't attempt at home. There are many small circuit boards inside and various connectors that can be ruined if handing improperly. You should always seek out the professionals to perform these surgical tasks on your Samsung phone.
While we do offer Samsung phone cracked screen repairs, that's not all that we do. Sure, cracked screens are probably some of the more common repairs that we do, which is why we do them so well. But, we can also replace your camera, both front and rear facing, charging port, back housing, and headphone jack to name a few.
While performing these operations we will have to open up the phone to get at the parts inside. Because of that, we are very quick with opening up phones, since, this is basically what we do all day, every day.

Have your Samsung phone repair completed in a couple of hours.

Typically your phone can be repaired in a couple of hours, depending on how many phones we have in that day. The process is quite simple and there is little risk involved. However, understand that there is some risk and we also cannot always fix the phone.
Should your phone endure serious water damage, this could fry the circuit boards to the point of no return. We will do some testing before we get started to ensure everything is working properly.
If your screen is not responding, this could be due to a disruption in the digiter due to be dropped or the cracked screen interrupting it. This may seem like a huge problem, but it really is quite common and you simply just need a Samsung screen repair.


Samsung screen replacement Lake Ronkonkoma NY.

When we repair your screen, we typically will replace it with a new one of the same quality as you would expect for your Samsung. We can also include a screen protector for additional cost. This will help you avoid seeing us frequently and save you money in the end. Our screen protectors are a simple piece of glass that goes over your screen and absorbs the impact, while saving your screen. Most phones we see that come in for repair do not have the screen protector on. Or they do not have the screen protector on properly.
If you are looking at your Samsung phone and thinking, "Oh no, what I have I done?" Not a problem. We are here to help you get your Samsung phone up and performing properly.

All Samsung Repairs

Screen, Battery, Charging Port, Logic Board, Water Damage, Speaker, Camera, Microphone, Headphone Jack, Home Button.

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